Vessel Monitoring System

Almaks Security System – Barba

How does this system function?

How does this system function?

Barba is a self-sustainable system for satellite monitoring. It receives the signal from the GPS satellite and then it sends encrypted data to our server via GPRS. Our server then translates the information and makes it available to our users on their accounts, which can be accessed by computers, tablets and/or smart phones.

If, by any chance, you don’t have an Internet connection, you can choose the option of obtaining the current status of your vessel location via SMS messages.

Satellite communications - For those who sail in areas outside GPRS / SMS signal, we are offering the ability to add peripheral modules for satellite communications.

Remote controls - As a user of our system you have the option of controlling some of your boat’s functions via your mobile phone. These functions can be programmed according to your needs. For instance, encoded ignition, switching on and off of lights, controlling air conditioners are just to name a couple.

Fleet - If you own a charter Company, water-sports Company, vessel-transport Company, or more than one vessel, you must have found that there is a need to know in real time where your vessels are located. In a simple way, our user friendly software with a lot of additional functions, useful statistics and a large base of data will meet all your expectations.

Fire detection system

Barba built-in fire detection system detects the fire at the earliest stage of formation quickly and reliably 24 hours a day. You can now sleep peacefully, because our system will warn endangered persons on time, and those responsible to immediately react by implementing of the necessary measures in order to avoid danger.

When the system is activated by smoke or high temperature, the siren goes off and a notification (with all the relevant data) is sent out (i.e. a position of sensors, an actual location on the boat, its course, speed etc.) all in order to indicate where the fire started. These alerts can be sent to a desktop application and a mobile phone via SMS.

Satel´s optical/thermal fire detector, is in a full compliance with the EN-54 standard.

We also offer the option of fire extinguishing using the aerosol generators. These systems need to be manually activated from the vessel or via remote control.

FirePro fire extinguishing system’s special features are as follows:

  • Maximum safety and effectiveness while using minimal quantities
  • No maintenance is needed
  • Safe for humans and the environment
  • Harmless to the atmosphere
  • Temperature operating range from -60° C to + 60° C, at 100% humidity
  • Absence of corrosion
  • Shelf life from 5 to 10 years
  • Extinguishing capability after activating for more than two hours with no need of additional use during fire, due to air ventilation
  • Minimal costs of installation
  • The system based on aerosol generators is more economical and safer than any other systems for fire extinguishment
  • The total cost of the aerosol is 1% of the value that it is protracting
Fire detection system

Detection of CO gas and LPG

Detection of CO gas and LPG

Unpredictable situations that can be a cause of big problems on your vessel, like the release of dangerous gases, lack of oxygen, and the presence of flammable gases and vapors can be traced with extensions for detection of dangerous gases.

It is important to emphasize that even the lowest concentration of toxic gases is harmful to human health, while a combination of explosively flammable gas with an air can lead to catastrophic consequences for people and the environment.

Our security system Barba allows you to choose between the detection of different gases: methane (ME), butane (LPG), carbon monoxide (CO) gas and dichloromethane TCM. Almaks Security Systems is a leader in Serbia in providing systems for detection of methane monoxide CO gas, LPG butane, carbon monoxide, gasoline vapors and other toxic and explosive gases.

Detection of water leakage inside of the vessels

The most important lesson that every yachtsman needs to learn is how to adequately respond to the cases of water leakage inside of the vessel. The first step in solving such problem is to determine the rate at which water is leaking inside of the vessel. Exactly for this purpose we have created a system that has sensors to detect leakages at separate levels.

Anyone who has ever found himself in such situation, understands the importance of these parameters. The sensors for the detection of water leakages on board are highly resistant to damage, extreme temperatures, and the various levels of electrical power.

The system is configured to give a visual warning on the raising of water levels on board by signaling the activation of sensors in one and then in the second level. Once certain of the speed of water penetration, the measures for solving the problem are more adequate.

Detection of water leakage inside of the vessels

Theft protection

Theft protection

Anti-theft systems together with fire protection systems have the longest presence in the global market, which means that there are well established laws, regulations and standards for these products that must be met.

We offer Satel’s anti-theft systems for vessels of all sizes. Satel is a top world producer of anti-intrusion systems. Their products, in addition to meeting all current standards and norms, are also setting new heights of quality with a constant introduction of new technologies.

Parts that make up this system are: motion sensors, the door opening sensors, the sensor placed on the lid of the tank, a sensor overseeing the engine on the outboard and any attempts to steal the dinghy. With all these extensions possibility of vessel theft is reduced to a minimum.

GPS and security fences (GeoFence)

Do you want to know where your ship is, when you're not on it? Is it still at the same place where you left it? Do you want to track your fleet in real time? Almaks security system for GPS tracking and protecting boats - Barba knows where your ship is at any given time. Receive notifications once your boat arrives in the harbor, when it leaves the designated area, when it enters a dangerous zone, how fast it sails, whether it is going in the right direction, the exact longitude and latitude coordinates, and where is it exactly on Google Maps.

Organizing meetings with friends on your favorite Island or even at a particular place in the marina has never been easier.

With our system, using just one click, you can easily send your favorite locations to your friends in order to meet them at the right location. Your family will always keep a track of your journey from home, so they can be sure that you are safe and sound.

GPS and security fences (GeoFence)