Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, this cost is included in the monthly fee. However, fees differ for domestic traffic, international and for both together.
Yes, it is possible. Almaks GPS application is available for use on Android smart phones.
Potential clients can use a trial period for 14 days, so they can test all of the benefits this system can offer.
We offer both methods of payment; a purchase of the equipment and a lease. If you prefer to buy a device, you pay for a device as well as for a one-time installation fee. From then on you continue paying monthly fees, the expanse depends on the type of service that is agreed upon (domestic or international tracking). In the case of a lease, you have to sign a contract and commit to a minimum of 24 months. Therefore, you only pay a one-time installation fee, while the price of a device is then included in your monthly fees that are slightly elevated.